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A few weeks ago I made the decision to try cannabis butter. I was apprehensive about trying this herb because I’ve heard that it has some serious side effects and I thought it might cause damage to my system. I did, however, want to lose weight and for this reason alone, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad that I did. The cannabis in the butter is able to suppress appetite whilst driving your body through the withdrawals of the drug.

The cannabis in the cannabis butter tastes very similar to cannabis. It’s a great substitute for smoking weed and it’s also a really cool way to relax. The moment I put the cannabis in my mouth, I immediately felt a relaxing and soothing effect from the weed. I was immediately aware of the fact that I wasn’t going to feel the effects for an hour or so.

However, this didn’t last long because I soon got the urge to smoke again. I’ve got a feeling that I shouldn’t smoke while I’m taking the cannabis but I couldn’t seem to stop anyway. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. The high from the weed is quickly replaced by this relaxed feeling, which makes it so I don’t smoke anymore!

My favourite thing about the butter is that I don’t get the rush of the weed. For me, this means that I can have the same experience while I’m travelling on business. I’ve found that I don’t get distracted and I’m able to keep on driving. This is such a huge benefit. I’ve often found myself wishing I could stay behind the wheel for longer periods of time!

Another thing I like about the cannabis butter is that it doesn’t affect my mood in any way. The only time I do get a ‘high’ feeling is when I’m about to have an erection. It makes me think of my partner and that’s really all I want. If I’m having sex, I don’t get too excited or I lose control. Even if I’m not having sex, I can make myself relaxed by using the butter.

The fact that it doesn’t affect me in any negative way is a great advantage. graine cannabis thc If I were to take marijuana, I would most likely get irritated and then lose concentration. However, with this amazing product, I get all the benefits without getting the drawbacks. If you suffer from chronic pain or other illnesses, why not try cannabis butter?.